Thursday, December 8, 2011

The History And Development of Video Game Consoles

Gaming consoles have evolved so much that a few even have the capability to interact with the player. A couple of years back, interaction between the player and the gaming console was limited to the keypad. People were already content with what their old video games can offer them. A couple of years, a new set of gaming consoles were introduced to the market and the next thing people know is that sales have skyrocketed to unheard of heights.

Thanks to technology’s fast-paced development, gaming consoles continue to become better. Before, characters in a video game were limited to simple and basic movements like jump, walk, run. Now, video game characters can now do more than that. With a few combinations of buttons, the video game character can display feats that are never available in old gaming consoles.

Just a few years back Sony introduced dance pads which allow the player to interact with the game through his or her footwork. Not only is this a new way of playing a game but it can also benefit the person since this can serve as a good body work out. And a couple of months ago, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Wii which is another state-of-the-art gaming console. The player interacts with the game through the use of the Wii remote. The Wii remote acts like a hand-held pointing device which also serves as a movement detector.

In addition to these features, the present gaming consoles are now equipped with the capability to connect online. Truly, gaming consoles have revolutionized the way people entertain themselves these days.

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