Sunday, December 2, 2012

Retroseek: Your Next-Door Gaming Authority

It can be a nostalgic feeling when you get to play some classic games in an old video game console. And the thing is that years back; there were not many resources which talks about the different games available in the market as well as the various consoles that people can purchase. What is more is challenging was that there were no walkthroughs or guides available for gamers to refer to in case they find themselves stumped in games. It was only just recently when gaming magazines were introduced to the market to cater to gamers needing help when it comes to picking good games for their personal entertainment, as well as strategies in games they have a hard time finishing.

But thanks to the availability of the internet, gaming resources are accessible almost everywhere online. And one reliable gaming website is called Retroseek. Retroseek was just recently established last September and so far, it is one of those websites that is consistent in releasing gaming reviews as well as the latest news in the world of gaming. What is good about Retroseek is that it is easy to navigate it. If you are looking for a particular post, you have the option to look it up based on popular tags or through the archives which is conveniently accessible through the right hand side of the home page.
In addition, if you want to be updated on the latest news and or gadgets which will be released in the market, there is also the news tab which is just located at the upper left hand side of the home page. If you are looking for advice regarding getting games or discounts in stores, you can just simply check the collecting tab, which is located on the same row as the news tab and reviews tab. Furthermore, some of the games featured in the review sections are the classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Dishonored a unique role-playing game which incorporates the concept of stealth which was developed for PS3, Disaster Report which is a survival game which does not involve any zombie chase or dinosaurs and many more. Overall, Retroseek is an informative gaming website which gamers will surely find reliable and entertaining. More Retro Game Reviews can be found within this website.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Persona 4

Persona 4 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus for the Sony Playstation 2. It is the fifth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona Series and compared to its predecessors, it has a weather forecast system instead of the moon phase system which the old games used.

Compared to the previous Persona games, the events of Persona 4 takes place in the fictional countryside of Inaba. The player takes control of a high-school student who moved to Inaba from the city for a year. While in Inaba, he gets involved in investigating the mysterious murders taking place the whole year round. At the same time, he realizes his power to be able to summon another aspect of his character referred in the game as a Persona. As the game progress, the player meets new allies who can also harness the power of their Personas.
Combat takes place within the “TV World”, an alternate world where the missing persons get thrown to. Here, players encounter creatures referred in the game as “Shadows” as they search for the whereabouts of the missing person in the dungeons wphohich are divided into floors. The game changes into the battle screen whenever the player gets in contact with a shadow in the field map. The game features a turn-based battle system where each character can attack, use a special skill, or use an item.

Overall, the game is entertaining and in fact, it has spawned merchandise such as action figures, toys, clothes. Persona 4 has even an anime where the characters reprise their roles.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New Harry Potter Online Games For HP Fans

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will be delighted to know that there are already Harry Potter online games available. You are no longer limited to just enjoying yourself through your Harry Potter book collection and watching the movies, you can also take part in their adventure. Some of the games that you will find interesting are:

  • The Crystal Ball Game: In this game, you have to figure out which image is influencing another image. You will be presented with four crystal balls, each numbered from one to four. This requires fast-thinking since the images changes every now and then and you only are given a couple of chances to guess them correctly and earn bonus points. Otherwise, you will not earn any bonus points. If you think your deducting skills are good then you may want to give this game a shot.
  • Fight Death Eaters: This game gives you the opportunity to fight death eaters who are after Harry Potter. It is simple to play and in this game, you represent Harry Potter and try to hit the death eaters coming after you using his wand. You only need to use your mouse for aiming while the left button of the mouse is for firing the wand. By aiming and firing at the death eaters consecutively, you will eventually defeat them. However, you also have the option of pressing down the mouse’s left click button. Doing so charges the wand and any Death Eater hit by a charged wand is immediately defeated. A special feature of this game is that Harry is surrounded by six orbs and by hitting all the orbs with a charged wand, he can perform a special Patronus attack which decimates all the Death eaters coming for you.
  • Knight Bus Driving Game: This game lets you control the knight bus. Your objective is to pick up stranded passengers in the streets of London. In order for you to pick up the passengers, you have to stop on top of the target. An arrow will point you to any passengers within the vicinity that is not on screen. A purple circle signifies a passenger’s destination and you need to drop off the passenger to his or her destination before the time runs out.

These are but a few games which you can enjoy. So if you are one of those people who loves playing online games while at the same time, someone who loves Harry Potter, then this game is for you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

If you are a fan of the Castlevania Franchise, then Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is for you. Unlike the recent Castlevania: Lord of Shadows game, Harmony of Despair retains the traditional 2D side-scrolling platform of the Castlevania series. However, what makes Harmony different from its predecessors is that it’s a multiplayer game meaning you can play the game together with your friends. You can choose from a variety of characters of the Castlevania franchise from Alucard, the main protagonist of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night to Soma Cruz, the main protagonist of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and many more.

What’s more is that you can also choose from a couple of female characters from the previous games like the witch, Yoko Belnades and the protagonist of Castlevania: Order of Ecclessia, Shanoa. There are also additional stages which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Network. It also comes along with downloadable characters like Richter Belmont,and even an 8-bit Simon Belmont. The game plays similar to previous Castlevania games in which you have thirty minutes to rush towards the Boss area and defeat it.

Furthermore, the game sports a new map system which allows the player to see the entirety of the area. This new map system also allows the player to zoom in or out of the screen to monitor the progress of other players and or to determine the fastest route to the boss. Characters can also be equipped with various items and armors before the stage begins and retains their signature weapons such as the vampire killer whip for the conventional vampire hunters, a sword or other melee weapon for Alucard and Soma while the women of the game wield staves and or rods and other unique weapons appropriate to their character type.

Overall, the game is fun to play especially when you are playing with your friends. Though it can be played by a single player, it can be difficult to accomplish a stage just on your own. Xbox 360 supports the game however, compared to the PS3 version, the co-op mode is only available online. With the PS3, the co-op mode is available both through the PlayStation Network and through local play.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Make Your Own Video Game

Many people out there dream to design their very own unique video games. Besides, would it not be a fulfilling experience if people start playing the game that you originally thought of? The truth is designing a video game can be a bit difficult if you are not properly equipped with the software and the knowledge in designing one. You need far more than creativity. You need research materials and lots of time to devote when it comes to play testing.

When making a video game, you obviously need a computer to work on. Then you need to download either the Genesis 3D game engine or the Reality Factory Game development software. The good news is that you can easily find either one of this software online. Now, in order for you to be familiar with it, you have to take your time tinkering with it. Finding a tutorial in how to navigate and operate the system should also be your top priority. This will help you become more attuned to the software. It is also advisable that you keep a notebook handy so that you can put your notes there in addition to saving notes in your virtual notepad.

Once you are familiar with the software, you can start writing a rough draft for your game. Think of the game’s concept and the goals available for players. Is the game your standard fighting game? Is it a dating simulation game? Is it an adventure game similar to Tomb Raider or Resident Evil? As much as possible, keep things simple so that you do not get yourself overwhelmed with what you are doing. After writing up all these notes, it is about time that you start putting those ideas into reality.

Navigate the software and start building your game’s structures. If the game has buildings in it, you can build them using your software. Start with the game’s mainframe or backbone and try not to put details yet. You will get there. Once the basic textures and colors of the game are complete then you can start putting the characters of the players in it. After everything is completed, you can start putting more details into the game. The good thing about the software is that it is equipped to put those detailed designs into your game. Also take note that designing the game does not end there. You have to play it and have other people play test it. In this way, you can get feedback from them and fix any glitches in your game and further improve it.

This is also a good opportunity to get more information. Take this time as well to improve the game and make all the necessary adjustments. Overall, developing a video game can be tiring but as soon as you see people start to love your game, you will feel fulfilled and rewarded. And oh, you did not even have to spend a single cent in developing this unique game of yours.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dragon’s Dogma

If you have been a fan of Capcom’s recent games such as the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry and Chaos Legion then Dragon’s Dogma will surely get your attention. Dragon’s Dogma is an action-role-playing game which features an open-world setting. Unlike most video games which have a linear plot, Dragon’s Dogma allows the player to explore the world in any direction he or she wishes. Furthermore, the game combines elements of a survival horror game along with some of their previous games’ action and adventure themes.
A unique feature that the game has as compared to other action-role playing game out there is that the game has a grab function. Executing this move allows the character to cling or grab unto enemies, object, NPCs or Non-Player Characters and various surfaces. This adds an extra dimension to the game. This also lets the character attack his or her opponents in a different angle. An example would be a warrior grabbing unto the back of a monster and or on the legs of a flying Griffin. As you are aware of, most action games just allows you to hack monsters. You do not get to grab them and slit their throats or anything. But in Dragon’s Dogma, it can be done and can be devastating to some opponents. The NPCs on the other hand are called Pawns in the game. They are there to assist the players in the adventure. In addition, you can borrow pawns from other players out there since the pawn system is linked through the internet. At the same time, other players can also borrow your pawns during their adventures. But the good thing is that whatever the pawns acquire during its adventure is retained.

Furthermore, the world’s setting is dynamic since it has a day and night cycle. What is more fun about it is that it greatly affects a character’s adventure especially during night settings wherein foes are more difficult to spot due to lack of light. This gives the player the horror survival game feeling. The game also incorporates most of the mythical creatures available in various literatures like Dragons, Griffins, Cyclops and many more. In addition, these monsters’ artificial intelligence is well-designed to take on any careless player.

Overall, the game has lots to offer. Even those who are new to Capcom’s genre of action-role-playing games will be able to enjoy Dragon’s Dogma.

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

LBX: Little Robots Fighting Inside Reinforced Cardboard Boxes!

If you are a fan of games involving robots battling out with one another similar to Super Robot Wars and or Mobile Suit Gundam games then LBX is for you. Little Battler eXperience or more commonly known as LBX, is a role-playing game developed by level 5. The game is basically about miniature plamos or plastic models robots called LBX fighting it out within dioramas made out of cardboards. In the story’s setting, reinforced cardboards have been developed to serve as a fighting arena between the small plastic robots.
Set in the year 2050, the story revolves around a young boy named Ban Yamano receiving an LBX plastic model from a mysterious woman. The truth though is that the LBX model that the main protagonist received hides a secret and because of this, he and his friends eventually found themselves mixed up in a conspiracy. Unlike other conventional role-playing game, the player can move his or her character real time through the use of the analog stick. Furthermore, the character’s movement and actions are limited to the tension meter as seen on the lower left hand side corner of the screen. This meter gradually drops as the character moves. At the same time, this can be replenished by just standing still and doing nothing.

Another feature of the game is that the player can equip his character with two weapons before entering battle. Each weapon also has its own special attack called “Killer Function” and the more experience the character has on a weapon, the more Killer Functions he can perform. Killer functions are limited to a number of slots but as the character progress in level, the slots increases which allows the player to add more special attack. Each weapon also has its own unique attribute such as Fire, Water, Lightning, Light and some weapons having no given attribute at all. This weapon’s attributes add more damage depending on how well the robot was customized. To put it simply, if the LBX individual components have a synergy with lightning based weapons, then the weapon will deal more damage compared to an LBX using the same weapon but is not tuned up.

The trick is figuring out what weapon is effective in a certain battle and what parts should be installed in the robot to maximize the weapon’s performance. LBX is an exciting game and if you are looking for a role-playing game involving mechs and real-time gameplay action then this is the game for you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anticipated Video Games This 2012

It is already the year 2012 and a couple of games are being anticipated by countless players out there and it would not be good to be left out. And to think that it is only the first quarter of the year and a number of exciting games have been released in the market. If you are one of those hardcore video game enthusiasts then it is about time that you look into the market for these games.

One of the first on the list would be Mass Effect 3. This will be the last part of the science-fiction trilogy and so far, it has sold 1.5. Million copies for consoles with 3.5 million shipped for other platforms. It was also ranked number one by IGN in their top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2011. As far as the story goes, Commander Shepard was relieved of his duty due to the resulting consequences of his previous actions in Mass Effect 2. However this time, he was given the task by Admiral Anderson of uniting the forces of the galaxy while he gets in touch with the resistance on planet earth. This will be the final battle between the earth forces and their sworn nemesis, the Reapers.

Another awaited game is Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. It is a third-person shooting game wherein you take the role of an Umbrella Security Service Member. The game has various features such as multiplayer which allows the player to take the roles of either the USS, the US Special Operations. In fact, they can even take the roles of the zombies as well! It also gives the players the power to make major decisions that can affect the outcome of the story such as killing characters from past games, and other special covert operations.

Some of the games that players are looking forward to are those mentioned above and Silent Hill: Downpour. In this latest installment of the acclaimed horror game, you take the role of a convict, Murphy Pendleton. He finds himself in the middle of a forest within the Silent Hill vicinity and from there; he tries to find a way out but gets involved with various events within the confines of Silent Hill. These are but a few games that players everywhere have anticipated but the year is far from over and it is only the first quarter. Who knows what new and thrilling games are in store for you?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things To Know About A Dating Sim

Before there was online dating, there were dating simulation games or commonly referred to as dating SIMS. For the past few years, dating simulation games have grown increasingly popular. Dating simulation games are games which simulate real-life dating experiences allowing the player to interact with virtual girls whom the player gets to know through the course of the game. Unlike visual novel, dating simulation games usually branches out into various endings. Each ending allows you, the player to end up with one or more of the game’s virtual girls. While visual novels focus on the plot of the story as well as the adventure, a dating sims focuses only on how your relationship between the virtual girls grow.

The player’s relationship with a particular virtual girl depends on the actions that he takes such as buying the girl gifts, responding positively to the girl’s interaction with the player and many more. Games like Tokimeki Memorial and Love Hina are examples of dating sims. The anime “The World God Only Knows” is another example of how a dating simulation works. Of course, Dudley dating and dating simulations cannot be compared since one is clearly a programming while live dating is well, gets you to interact with live people which offers limitless possibilities. But if you are just someone looking for a cute game to play and to kill time, dating simulations is one interesting kind of game to play.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Importance of Music in a Video Game

It may not be relevant for some people but music in video games plays an important role. A video game’s BGM or background music puts more soul and adds flavor to the game. It makes a particular game’s setting or stage more alive and relevant. Could you imagine playing a game of Final Fantasy without it having any musical scores at all the whole time? It would feel a bit boring right? In some way, it would be no different from the traditional brick game. Or how about Metal Gear, any of them, and then suddenly you find yourself in a stage where the background music is entirely Fantasy-like. Sounds weird and awkward, right? That does not sound something like Hideo Kojima would do to one of his Metal Gear series.

Music also gives the game an identity. People would be able to easily tell a particular sound track if it came from Super Mario Brothers or something from the Castlevania series. It also puts the player into the mood when playing the game which makes it more enjoyable for him or her. On the marketing side, this helps distinguish some games from another and at some point, help sell the video game. Truth to be told that there are people out there who have become so into the game that they are willing to have a copy of the game’s musical soundtrack. These people who have been influenced by the game’s story and music at the same time may be more inclined to purchase products related to the game. Take ChronoCross for example, it is a Role-Playing Game or RPG developed by Squaresoft.

In addition to the fact that it was one of Square’s successful RPGs, not only due to its unique storyline but it is complemented with a soundtrack which one would describe as “haunting”. It was no doubt that fans of the game may have purchased their own copy of the game’s soundtrack. The thing is that without music, the game would be flat. There would always be that feeling of lacking something and it will not be that enjoyable as compared to games with music. Besides, there are even bands out there who even play a couple of music from some games.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Most Played Facebook Games

Admit it or not, Facebook has a great impact on your life and everyone else around you. In fact, ever since Facebook was introduced to the world, people’s lifestyles have drastically changed as compared a few years back. Imagine, Facebook gets at least more than three hundred billion views in a month and that is a whole lot bigger compared to Google which is the world’s most popular search engine.

Because of Facebook, webmasters are gradually adapting a new strategy involving social networking websites rather than search engine based strategies. Why is this? Well, people these days are more often available online in Facebook than any other website. They are too busy liking people’s comments and commenting themselves. They are too preoccupied sharing photos, updating their profile and even playing video games.

Speaking of video games, even the games in Facebook have gotten the attention of the majority of this people and have them playing their games compared to other video games. Some of the most popular games would be Farmville, Mafia Wars, Tetris, and Backyard Monsters to name a few. If you are unfamiliar with these games then you are probably living in a rock or some isolated mountain range.

To discuss a few of these games, Farmville is perhaps the most popular of these Facebook online games. The idea here is that you get to take care and establish your own farm. You plant seeds, crops and take care of your farm animals and even plow the field. You can also ask the help of your neighbors, people who play the game as well.

Mafia Wars on the other hand lets you take the role of a Mafia Boss. As a Mafia boss, you can do money laundering, buy machine guns; get rid of other players and other illegal activities done by the Mafiosi. Tetris has evolved from your traditional brick game into a more competitive online game in Facebook. Here, you battle with random players. The goal of the game is to knock your opponent out through sending those lines each time you clear a portion of yours. The more lines you have than your opponent, the more chances they will be knocked out. The player with the most knock outs loses. The same is also true for the player with the most lines sent to the other player.

Backyard Monsters is similar to Farmville in the sense that you get to construct your base which is referred to a yard. You build different harvesters where you get your resources to allow you to build buildings and defense towers. Your resources also allow you to create monsters which let you defend your base against opposing players attacking your yard. You can also use these same monsters to attack other players or just some random base.
Take not that these is not the complete list of the games available in Facebook. And these games are made in just a short span of time. Who knows what else they can do with Facebook in the near future?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To Identify a Good Video Game

Countless games have already come and go in the video game industry and as consoles continue to be manufactured, more and more games will be developed. With all these games being released periodically in the market, it could be difficult to pick the right game for you. Just as there are good games there are also bad games. So, how do you identify the good ones from the bad ones?

Before going any further, it is important that you know on what categories to judge a video game. These categories include but are not limited to, graphics, game play, sound or music, and details. A game with great graphics gives a strong impact to players and this helps make it interesting. However, it is not the end-all or be-all when it comes to video games. A game may have impressive graphics but if the game play suffers then the gamer will eventually lose interest in it. Of course, this depends on the person because some people are very particular about graphics and do not mind the game play as much as long as they like what they are seeing. At the end of the day, a game’s graphics should be pleasing to the player’s eyes.

Gameplay may well be the most important aspect of a video game. Most gamers are easily immersed into games that are interactive and which provides a lot of option for the players. How the game is played or what is there to do when playing are both factors involved in gameplay. Music may not appear to be a significant factor when it comes to identifying a good game but does not be mistaken. Most players out there are very particular about a game’s music and in fact, some of them even research online for a particular background music’s title if they like it. Again, this should not be the deciding factor in identifying if a game’s great. But overall, a good game may well be dependent on an individual’s personal perspective. One game may not be good for someone while the same game may be enjoyed by more than one person at the same time. The main idea here is that if you are having fun and enjoying a particular game then it is good even though the world says it sucks.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Different Types of Video Games

There are many kinds of video games available in the market today. Genres could range from the usual side-scrolling adventure games, role-playing games, puzzle games and even dating simulation games. It is amazing to think that many years ago; people were already happy playing with the standard brick game. Looking at the various video game consoles sold on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one would fit your lifestyle. And to make it harder, there are countless video games out there to choose from! Let us discuss the different variety of video games that are available to everyone out there.

There is your standard action game. An action game is the most common type of genre that game developers develop. These kinds of games usually require fast reflexes and right timing in order to succeed in the game. A good example of an action game would be the Gradius series or the Castlevania series. These two games are both developed by Konami. The games require a good hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes for you to enjoy iy. Action games are often side-scrolling or vertical scrolling.

There are also adventure games. Adventure games usually have some traits that are very similar to action games. However, adventure games are often 3D rather than the usual side-scrolling or vertical scrolling feature found in action games. Furthermore, not only does the game require good reflexes but it challenges the player not only from dodging enemy attacks but also in solving puzzles along the way.

Racing games and sports games are also genres available in the world of video games. As the term implies, these are games which involves sports. There are a number of NBA basketball games which allows the gamer to take the role of his favorite basketball star. There are also the racing games which allow the gamer to choose from a variety of cars he could only dream of driving.

And perhaps one of the most usually sought for game genre would be the role-playing games or commonly referred to as RPG. The Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series are but a few neat RPG games. RPG games can be classified into two kinds of RPGs. There are the action-crossbreed type of RPG which requires you to have good reflexes and the standard RPG game. The difference is that the usual RPG game usually involves you taking the role of the game’s protagonist and undertaking a quest. Your character’s sprite travels from town to town in search of information that may lead to the quest’s main objective. Combat scenes are often menu based and hitting the opponents with various attacks is percentage based.

Overall, there are a many kinds of different games available in the market. It just depends on you what game you would rather play.