Monday, January 2, 2012

Different Types of Video Games

There are many kinds of video games available in the market today. Genres could range from the usual side-scrolling adventure games, role-playing games, puzzle games and even dating simulation games. It is amazing to think that many years ago; people were already happy playing with the standard brick game. Looking at the various video game consoles sold on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one would fit your lifestyle. And to make it harder, there are countless video games out there to choose from! Let us discuss the different variety of video games that are available to everyone out there.

There is your standard action game. An action game is the most common type of genre that game developers develop. These kinds of games usually require fast reflexes and right timing in order to succeed in the game. A good example of an action game would be the Gradius series or the Castlevania series. These two games are both developed by Konami. The games require a good hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes for you to enjoy iy. Action games are often side-scrolling or vertical scrolling.

There are also adventure games. Adventure games usually have some traits that are very similar to action games. However, adventure games are often 3D rather than the usual side-scrolling or vertical scrolling feature found in action games. Furthermore, not only does the game require good reflexes but it challenges the player not only from dodging enemy attacks but also in solving puzzles along the way.

Racing games and sports games are also genres available in the world of video games. As the term implies, these are games which involves sports. There are a number of NBA basketball games which allows the gamer to take the role of his favorite basketball star. There are also the racing games which allow the gamer to choose from a variety of cars he could only dream of driving.

And perhaps one of the most usually sought for game genre would be the role-playing games or commonly referred to as RPG. The Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series are but a few neat RPG games. RPG games can be classified into two kinds of RPGs. There are the action-crossbreed type of RPG which requires you to have good reflexes and the standard RPG game. The difference is that the usual RPG game usually involves you taking the role of the game’s protagonist and undertaking a quest. Your character’s sprite travels from town to town in search of information that may lead to the quest’s main objective. Combat scenes are often menu based and hitting the opponents with various attacks is percentage based.

Overall, there are a many kinds of different games available in the market. It just depends on you what game you would rather play.

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