Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Importance of Music in a Video Game

It may not be relevant for some people but music in video games plays an important role. A video game’s BGM or background music puts more soul and adds flavor to the game. It makes a particular game’s setting or stage more alive and relevant. Could you imagine playing a game of Final Fantasy without it having any musical scores at all the whole time? It would feel a bit boring right? In some way, it would be no different from the traditional brick game. Or how about Metal Gear, any of them, and then suddenly you find yourself in a stage where the background music is entirely Fantasy-like. Sounds weird and awkward, right? That does not sound something like Hideo Kojima would do to one of his Metal Gear series.

Music also gives the game an identity. People would be able to easily tell a particular sound track if it came from Super Mario Brothers or something from the Castlevania series. It also puts the player into the mood when playing the game which makes it more enjoyable for him or her. On the marketing side, this helps distinguish some games from another and at some point, help sell the video game. Truth to be told that there are people out there who have become so into the game that they are willing to have a copy of the game’s musical soundtrack. These people who have been influenced by the game’s story and music at the same time may be more inclined to purchase products related to the game. Take ChronoCross for example, it is a Role-Playing Game or RPG developed by Squaresoft.

In addition to the fact that it was one of Square’s successful RPGs, not only due to its unique storyline but it is complemented with a soundtrack which one would describe as “haunting”. It was no doubt that fans of the game may have purchased their own copy of the game’s soundtrack. The thing is that without music, the game would be flat. There would always be that feeling of lacking something and it will not be that enjoyable as compared to games with music. Besides, there are even bands out there who even play a couple of music from some games.

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