Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Things To Know About A Dating Sim

Before there was online dating, there were dating simulation games or commonly referred to as dating SIMS. For the past few years, dating simulation games have grown increasingly popular. Dating simulation games are games which simulate real-life dating experiences allowing the player to interact with virtual girls whom the player gets to know through the course of the game. Unlike visual novel, dating simulation games usually branches out into various endings. Each ending allows you, the player to end up with one or more of the game’s virtual girls. While visual novels focus on the plot of the story as well as the adventure, a dating sims focuses only on how your relationship between the virtual girls grow.

The player’s relationship with a particular virtual girl depends on the actions that he takes such as buying the girl gifts, responding positively to the girl’s interaction with the player and many more. Games like Tokimeki Memorial and Love Hina are examples of dating sims. The anime “The World God Only Knows” is another example of how a dating simulation works. Of course, Dudley dating and dating simulations cannot be compared since one is clearly a programming while live dating is well, gets you to interact with live people which offers limitless possibilities. But if you are just someone looking for a cute game to play and to kill time, dating simulations is one interesting kind of game to play.

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