Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Anticipated Video Games This 2012

It is already the year 2012 and a couple of games are being anticipated by countless players out there and it would not be good to be left out. And to think that it is only the first quarter of the year and a number of exciting games have been released in the market. If you are one of those hardcore video game enthusiasts then it is about time that you look into the market for these games.

One of the first on the list would be Mass Effect 3. This will be the last part of the science-fiction trilogy and so far, it has sold 1.5. Million copies for consoles with 3.5 million shipped for other platforms. It was also ranked number one by IGN in their top 10 Xbox 360 games of 2011. As far as the story goes, Commander Shepard was relieved of his duty due to the resulting consequences of his previous actions in Mass Effect 2. However this time, he was given the task by Admiral Anderson of uniting the forces of the galaxy while he gets in touch with the resistance on planet earth. This will be the final battle between the earth forces and their sworn nemesis, the Reapers.

Another awaited game is Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City. It is a third-person shooting game wherein you take the role of an Umbrella Security Service Member. The game has various features such as multiplayer which allows the player to take the roles of either the USS, the US Special Operations. In fact, they can even take the roles of the zombies as well! It also gives the players the power to make major decisions that can affect the outcome of the story such as killing characters from past games, and other special covert operations.

Some of the games that players are looking forward to are those mentioned above and Silent Hill: Downpour. In this latest installment of the acclaimed horror game, you take the role of a convict, Murphy Pendleton. He finds himself in the middle of a forest within the Silent Hill vicinity and from there; he tries to find a way out but gets involved with various events within the confines of Silent Hill. These are but a few games that players everywhere have anticipated but the year is far from over and it is only the first quarter. Who knows what new and thrilling games are in store for you?

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