Monday, September 24, 2012

New Harry Potter Online Games For HP Fans

If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will be delighted to know that there are already Harry Potter online games available. You are no longer limited to just enjoying yourself through your Harry Potter book collection and watching the movies, you can also take part in their adventure. Some of the games that you will find interesting are:

  • The Crystal Ball Game: In this game, you have to figure out which image is influencing another image. You will be presented with four crystal balls, each numbered from one to four. This requires fast-thinking since the images changes every now and then and you only are given a couple of chances to guess them correctly and earn bonus points. Otherwise, you will not earn any bonus points. If you think your deducting skills are good then you may want to give this game a shot.
  • Fight Death Eaters: This game gives you the opportunity to fight death eaters who are after Harry Potter. It is simple to play and in this game, you represent Harry Potter and try to hit the death eaters coming after you using his wand. You only need to use your mouse for aiming while the left button of the mouse is for firing the wand. By aiming and firing at the death eaters consecutively, you will eventually defeat them. However, you also have the option of pressing down the mouse’s left click button. Doing so charges the wand and any Death Eater hit by a charged wand is immediately defeated. A special feature of this game is that Harry is surrounded by six orbs and by hitting all the orbs with a charged wand, he can perform a special Patronus attack which decimates all the Death eaters coming for you.
  • Knight Bus Driving Game: This game lets you control the knight bus. Your objective is to pick up stranded passengers in the streets of London. In order for you to pick up the passengers, you have to stop on top of the target. An arrow will point you to any passengers within the vicinity that is not on screen. A purple circle signifies a passenger’s destination and you need to drop off the passenger to his or her destination before the time runs out.

These are but a few games which you can enjoy. So if you are one of those people who loves playing online games while at the same time, someone who loves Harry Potter, then this game is for you.

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