Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Resident Evil 6: The Latest Zombie Apocalypse Installment

If you are a Resident Evil fan then you will definitely enjoy playing Capcom’s latest Resident Evil franchise: Resident Evil 6. The story resumes on December 24th, 2012, the day before Christmas. Jake Muller, illegitimate son of the late Bio-terrorist and antagonist of the first Resident Evil game, Albert Wesker, attempts to escape the authorities during a bio-terrorist attack. He along with Sherry Birkin, who is now an agent of Division of Security Operations or DSO and survivor of the previous games, along with other recurring characters, Chris Redfield, as well as Leon S. Kennedy, struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse that is upon them.

What is interesting about the game is that it can be a local multiplayer game or an online multiplayer game. There are three game modes that the player can choose from: Campaign, Mercenaries and Agent Hunt. In Campaign, the player can choose three scenarios, each connected with one another as well as one protagonist. The Mercenaries Mode deals with the player facing a multitude of opponents while the Agent Hunt mode on the other hand, gives the player the opportunity to take control of random enemies in other players’ games. At the same time, the player has a partner as he or she goes through the different places in the game and the player has the option to allow an online player to join him in his game while keeping both players’ inventories separate.

The game also features the real-time changing of equipment as well as items. There is also the tablet item which is an added feature of the game where it allows the player to recover lost hit points by just pressing a button. These tablets are produced when herbs are combined which can be found in various areas of the game. In addition, a new enemy is introduced in the game which is called the J’avo, zombie-enemies who are far more intelligent than the standard zombies. They have the capability to strategize, and help each other. Overall, Resident Evil 6 is one of 2012’s most anticipated games.