Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Guilty Gear Overture

If you are a Guilty Gear fan, then you will definitely enjoy Guilty Gear II Overture. It is one of the latest Guilty Gear installments created by Arc System Works for the Xbox 360. What makes it special compared to the previous Guilty Gear games is that it combines the elements of real time action and strategy. The game’s platform is similar to Capcom’s Devil May Cry and or any game with such a platform wherein you can visually see a lot of adversaries surrounding you and you have to battle it out while searing for the main objective in a particular area. But it still retains the original Guilty Gear fighter’s special moves and animation but combined with real time strategy elements.

What’s good about the game is that it has a new feature which allows the player to utilize a troop management system. This allows the player to use servants which requires master ghost’s mana reserves. Servants attack enemy servants which they encounter in an area and or take ghosts and attack the master of other servants. These servants are unique depending on the master who summoned them and have their own individual fighting skills. Furthermore, the protagonists Sol Badguy, as well as Ky Kiske have a new and more mature appearance compared to their previous incarnation.

In addition to Sol and Ky, characters like the fox spirit Izuna also joins the fray, Dr.Paradigm who is a gear having an appearance similar to a Chinese dragon as well as their mysterious antagonist, a young women dressed in a gothic fashion named Valentine who wields a weird balloon named Lucifero. The game was originally released in the United States by publisher Aksys Games on October 7, 2008. Overall, Guilty Gear overture is not to disappoint and will be appreciated by Guilty Gear fans out there.